Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is UniSub?

UniSub is an innovative platform that facilitates automated crypto subscriptions. It allows businesses to integrate subscription models using various cryptocurrencies, providing flexibility, security, and a seamless user experience.

2. How does UniSub work?

Merchants or customers can sign up on UniSub and set up their subscription services by specifying the pricing and frequency of payments. Customers or clients can then subscribe or request payments using their preferred cryptocurrency, and UniSub handles the recurring transactions.

3. What cryptocurrencies does UniSub support?

UniSub supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including but not limited to Ethereum (ETH), ERC20 tokens, Matic, Polygon, USDT, USDC and others.

There is also a possibility to accept subscriptions in any EVM compatible chains, such as Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism and so on. Rolling out a new chain usually takes a couple of days. Reach out to us for more info.

4. How can I subscribe to a service using UniSub?

To subscribe to a service with UniSub, follow these steps:

  • Interact with the widget or click on the payment link provided by the merchant
  • Connect your preferred wallet (MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet).
  • Choose your preferred network and token
  • Click on Approve Token to validate your subscription
  • Click on Subscribe & Pay for the first period and initiate the subscription

5. How can I unsubscribe?

Unsubscribing is also just as hassle-free. You can either:

  • Locate and click the unsubscribe link in the subscription widget, typically found on the service provider's website or platform.
  • Unsubscribe to any service you're subscribed to using the UniSub dashboard found at
  • Revoke token approval from your wallet

You have complete autonomy to manage your subscriptions without needing to contact the merchant. We believe in providing users with transparent and user-friendly control over their subscription preferences.

6. What percentage does UniSub charge per transaction?

UniSub charges a transparent and competitive transaction fee. The specific percentage may vary, and users are encouraged to review the fee structure on the platform for the most up-to-date information. UniSub is completely free for end-users.

7. Why choose UniSub over traditional payment methods?

UniSub is not meant to be chosen over traditional payment methods, rather, it is meant to compliment existing payment methods. UniSub offers a decentralized and borderless subscription experience, making it accessible to a global audience. It provides an alternative for users without access to traditional banking services and ensures secure transactions with blockchain technology.

8. Why choose UniSub over traditional payment methods?

Accepting crypto payments with UniSub is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  • Integrate UniSub into your service or platform.
  • Sign up as a merchant on the UniSub platform.
  • Set up your subscription offerings, including pricing, intervals, and supported cryptocurrencies.
  • Connect your preferred wallet (MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet) for seamless transaction processing.
  • Once integrated, your service will be accessible to users who prefer crypto payments, expanding your customer base globally.

9. Is UniSub secure?

Yes, we prioritize security by adopting a non-custodial approach. Users retain ownership of their funds throughout the subscription process, and blockchain technology ensures transparent and tamper-proof transactions. Our smart contracts go through security audits every time there is a new feature update. Our most recent security audit was completed by DATAMI, the EU-based cybersecurity company.

We are fully transparent and are backed by some of the most highly regarded investors in the industry, including 500 Global.

10. How can I be sure I won't be charged without my permission?

UniSub operates on blockchain technology, utilizing smart contracts for secure and transparent transactions. The terms of your subscription are programmed into these smart contracts, ensuring that charges are executed precisely as agreed upon during the subscription setup. Our smart contracts also go through a security audit every time there is an update.

With UniSub, you can trust that your payments are automated and secure.

11. How can I be sure I won't be charged without my permission?

Smart contracts govern the amount and frequency of subscriptions. This makes it so that the merchants can't charge a customer's account for more than what was approved by the customer. Nor can a merchant charge more often than what was agreed upon by the customer.

UniSub operates using blockchain networks, and transactions made using cryptocurrencies are irreversible. Once a payment is processed and confirmed on the blockchain, there are no chargebacks unless the merchant initiates a manual transaction. This provides merchants with increased security and eliminates the risk associated with chargebacks commonly seen with traditional payment methods.

UniSub prioritizes the reliability and integrity of transactions for both users and merchants.

12. How does UniSub handle cryptocurrency price volatility?

We encourage those merchants and customers that prefer price stability to accept stablecoins for their subscriptions. UniSub supports all major stablecoins including USDC, USDT, DAI, PYUSD and others.

13. What happens if a cryptocurrency payment fails?

UniSub has mechanisms in place to handle failed payments. Both, merchants and customers will be notified and can take action to ensure their subscription continues uninterrupted.

14. How does UniSub contribute to revenue growth for businesses?

UniSub contributes to revenue growth by reducing churn rates and opening access to a 400+ million audience worldwide. Its global reach attracts a broader user base, and its user-friendly interface enhances the overall subscription experience.

15. How can businesses benefit from UniSub in the SaaS industry?

UniSub can benefit SaaS businesses by offering a supplementary payment method, increasing retention and LTV, and expanding their user base globally.

16. What industries can leverage UniSub?

UniSub is versatile and can be applied across various industries, including streaming services, software-as-a-service (SaaS), niche content platforms, and even for charitable or ideological causes.

17. How can I get started with UniSub?

Visit the UniSub website, press the Launch App button, and register. Connect your preferred wallet, create a subscription, and manage it conveniently on the dashboard.

For further inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact our support team at