Why Do Most Crypto Projects Earn Nothing? The Monetization Gap in Crypto Ventures

Why Do Most Crypto Projects Earn Nothing? The Monetization Gap in Crypto Ventures

The realm of cryptocurrency is vast and ever-evolving, and with it comes the continuous search for effective monetization techniques. Companies dabbling in this digital space often find themselves wading through an array of methods, from staking and issuing NFTs to the straightforward selling of tokens.

The Limited Palette of Monetization

Historically, there hasn't been an extensive range of monetization options available for crypto companies. Methods such as staking and the issuance of NFTs have been at the forefront. However, these methods are often not sustainable or directly tied to a tangible product or service.

The Missing Piece: Subscription Models

Surprisingly, one of the staple monetization methods in traditional businesses - subscriptions - was deemed complex, if not impossible, to implement in the crypto space. As a result, many crypto-native projects turned to credit card subscriptions. The juxtaposition of an innovative blockchain project relying on a standard credit card system for revenue seemed counterintuitive at best.

This lack of a sustainable revenue model led to a speculative rather than product-driven market. It's not uncommon to witness "whitepaper projects" where massive funds are raised, even before a viable product-market fit (PMF) is identified.

Lacking clear revenue streams, crypto startup founders found themselves in a predicament. They either ventured into creating products without a clear market need, turned to complex monetization methods like staking, or even shifted their focus to trading their tokens for profits.

The Dawn of Automated Recurring Crypto Subscriptions with Unisub

Enter Unisub. Recognizing the gap in the market, Unisub introduced the concept of automated recurring crypto subscriptions. With this innovation, crypto project founders can now lean into a model that has been the backbone of numerous successful businesses outside the crypto space: subscription-based services.

Unisub's genius lies in its simplicity. Users can easily subscribe using Metamask (or any other web3 wallet via WalletConnect), and from that point onward, their wallet is automatically charged at a specified interval, be it monthly or otherwise.

Broadening the Horizon: Use Cases for Crypto Subscriptions

With the introduction of crypto subscriptions, the door opens to a multitude of use cases. From the world of gaming where players can have monthly access to premium content, to crypto data platforms providing real-time analytics. Subscription models can also cater to specialized news platforms focused on crypto trends, educational platforms offering courses on blockchain technology, media, and even decentralized software-as-a-service (dSaaS) applications.

The platform's versatility is another major selling point. It supports subscriptions on major blockchains such as Ethereum main net, BSC, and Polygon. Additionally, the diversity of tokens available, from the widely recognized USDT and USDC to niche project-specific tokens, ensures a broad appeal.

The Future of Crypto with Unisub

Unisub's introduction may well mark the start of a shift in the crypto industry, steering it towards mass adoption. With a clear and efficient way for founders to monetize, the emphasis can return to creating stellar products and services, fostering a healthier ecosystem where value for users is paramount.

Unisub believes in a future where the union of crypto and subscriptions creates a flourishing landscape of innovation and stability. It's time for crypto founders to take the lead in this new era and build robust, subscription-based businesses.

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