Benefits of Recurring Crypto Payments

Benefits of Recurring Crypto Payments

Recurrent crypto payments are new to the crypto/web3 space, since there are no simple solutions for accepting crypto subscriptions.

UniSub has solved this gap and now any merchant can create a crypto subscription within a few minutes.

The benefits of recurring payments are already proven and are a key element in some business models. Crypto subscriptions are no exception and also offer the same benefits compared to one-time payment solutions.

1) Decrease CAC

Users who want to pay with crypto are basically forced to pay for a year of subscription upfront, which increases customer acquisition cost, as they are hesitant to commit too much money in a first touch with the product.

2) Increases total addressable market

Having crypto subscriptions allows merchants to lower the entry barrier for the users, thus much more customers can try the product and become loyal paying clients.

3) Decrease Churn rate

Compared to monthly one-time crypto payments, Unisub solves the churn’s problem since making payments manually is not convenient, or users simply forget about it.

4) Boost unit economy

As a result of the points above, Unisub increases LTV, and increases LTV/CAC ratio. All of these points are key to the unit economy of any subscription based product. Crypto auto payments allow you to grow your business faster than with one-time crypto payments allows accepting crypto auto payments and improving metrics for products that already accept monthly/annual payments in crypto.

Now everyone can create a crypto subscription in a few minutes, integrate it into their website via embed widget, or via checkout links.

Crypto auto payments have never been as easy and understandable as they are now! Book the demo!

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