UniSub introduction

UniSub introduction

In the last decade, we have watched the rise of crypto. It’s now impossible to deny that cryptocurrencies represents a true new economy. Today it is a massive market offering various digital financial instruments fully compatible with those traditionally provided by banks.

It is not only the number of active crypto users that is growing but also the number of companies using and accepting crypto. It is fair to say that crypto has established itself as a payment method.

Many companies, including such top names as Microsoft, Twitch, Starbucks, and others, accept crypto, not to mention thousands of digital services, crypto native projects, influencers and Web3 companies.

But Subscription-based products, however, remain on the sidelines.

The reason for the absence of well-known subscription-based companies in crypto is obvious. There is no simple solution for paying for subscriptions in crypto. Currently presented options of paying through wrapped tokens or streaming are neither convenient nor easy to understand for users and merchants.

As a result, merchants accepting crypto as payment are forced to use one-time crypto payments. In turn, this is not a very user-friendly purchasing process, increasing the churn rate, reducing retention, and making the overall customer experience negative.

The other alternative merchants use – offering yearly advance payments to their clients. This approach dramatically increases the entry point and thus the cost of user acquisition and negatively influences the user journey.

To fill this gap in the crypto market and deliver an easy and secure service that allows merchants to accept recurring payments in crypto.

We started building UniSub at the beginning of 2022 and today we are excited to say that we have made it!

UniSub solution allows any business:

  • create a crypto subscription in a few minutes;
  • customize embed widget and checkout links;
  • accept any tokens on the most popular networks;
  • use dashboard with on-chain analytics, where merchants can manage their subscribers
  • receive funds from users directly, bypassing intermediaries;
  • create as many tariff plans as you like. Once per second/day/week/month/quarter/6 months/year, whatever you choose;
  • use API/webhooks and notifications to build complex products.

UniSub solution allow subscribers:

  • User-friendly subscription flow in a few clicks;
  • Security: the merchant will not be able to charge you more than you agreed and more often than in the agreed period;
  • Possibility to unsubscribe at any time;
  • Manage all crypto subscriptions in one place.

To make it clear and transparent for everyone, we will release a set of guides and tutorials soon.


We believe that crypto payments will grow exponentially in the future, so we need to make the payment solution as flexible as possible and make it convenient for both sides:

  • Very simple integration for the merchant + dashboard for managing subscribers and providing analytics;
  • A convenient and understandable subscription flow for users should not be more complicated than subscribe with a card.

Combining these two approaches in a crypto auto pay solution will deliver the tool everyone is looking for. This is a product that merchants will be happy to integrate, as this solution improves business metrics compared to one-time crypto payments.

UniSub will become a pioneer in recurring crypto payments and boost Web3 growth and crypto adoption.

Ultimately, our mission is that everyone can pay for Netflix, Spotify, or any other service of choice with crypto.


If you are looking to integrate crypto subscriptions for your business, increase the usage of your token, open access for crypto users, or are just curious how it works, book the demo!

We will demonstrate the UniSub functionality and how it works and help you install it if you need assistance.

Our main goal is to make your business prosper!

Follow us on social media, and feel free to send us any questions at info@unisub.io