Why You Should Consider Crypto for Your SaaS Recurring Payments

Why You Should Consider Crypto for Your SaaS Recurring Payments

Crypto is growing beyond its niche and becoming a practical solution for many businesses, especially those with recurring revenue models.

While crypto payments made up less than 0.2% of global e-commerce transactions in 2022, big names like Ferrari and PayPal are starting to use cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. This could signal bigger changes ahead.

Here's why your SaaS company should think about offering crypto as a payment option:

1. Get paid from anywhere, easily

International payments often come with high fees, delays, and exchange rate problems. Crypto fixes this.

A customer in Brazil can pay you just as easily as one in Boston. You don't need to set up different payment systems for each country or worry about changing currencies. This means you can sell to customers worldwide without the usual hassles.

2. Pay less fees

Credit card companies and banks often charge 2-3% for each transaction. For SaaS companies, especially those with slim profit margins, this adds up fast.

Crypto transactions usually cost less – often under 1%. For a $100 monthly subscription, that's $24 more in your pocket per customer each year. If you have hundreds or thousands of customers, you'll save a lot.

3. Get paid faster

Speed is another big plus. Bank transfers, especially international ones, can take days to clear. This slows down your cash flow.

Crypto payments typically clear in minutes. Getting paid almost right after you bill someone can really help growing SaaS companies that need quick access to their money.

4. Set up flexible payment plans

This is where crypto really shines for SaaS. You can use "smart contracts" – agreements written in code that run automatically. With these, you can:

  • Offer dynamic pricing models (changing prices based on usage)
  • Give refunds or charge penalties automatically
  • Upgrade or downgrade subscriptions as needed
  • Split revenue with partners without manual work

All of this happens automatically, without manual intervention. This means less human errors, freeing up your team’s time.

5. Take payments 24/7

Banks close and payment systems go down, but crypto markets never sleep. This 24/7 operation means your customers can pay at any time, from any time zone. 

No more lost sales because a payment couldn't go through at 2 AM on a Sunday. For a global SaaS business, this can smooth out your income.

6. Safer transactions, no charge backs.

Crypto payments can’t be reversed, which means no chargebacks. These often cost SaaS companies a lot of money.

The technology behind crypto also makes fraud harder. This added security can save you money and headaches over time.

Getting started with crypto payments

Crypto has some challenges. Its value can change quickly, and the rules around it are still unclear in some places. You'll need to do some research and maybe teach your customers about it too.

Adding crypto payments might seem hard, but that's where we come in. At Unisub, we handle the tricky parts so you can get the benefits without the technical headaches. We manage the value changes, conversions, and make sure you follow the rules.

Many businesses worry that accepting crypto means giving up traditional payment methods. That's not the case at all. You can offer crypto alongside your existing payment options, giving your customers more choices without disrupting your current setup.

Want to start growing your income with crypto? Book a demo with us today to learn how.